DeCare Wellness Services

Wellness from DeCare offers a range of general health and dental wellness services to multiple clients. These services are designed for a whole variety of settings including workplace settings of the small, medium and large ranges and school settings. We also provide oral health training and consulting for healthcare settings including nursing homes , hospitals, hospices and other caring organizations.

We follow the World Health Organization {WHO} guidelines that recognize the workplace as an optimum location to promote and empower people about their health. WHO recommends workplace health programs as effective tools for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases and for promoting mental health.

We can offer expert advice on health wellness services that you may require and deliver them in a cost effective and timely manner. In addition to Wellness services, DeCare  provides an ‘ask the dentist’ facility, and provides access to a range of health promotion videos, e -zines and health related materials designed to improve health literacy for different groups . We welcome all inquiries about our services and we are happy to discuss a range of options with you when developing your customized wellness health calendar.

Corporate Health and Wellbeing Programs Oral Health Training and Consulting
Group talk sessions Health promotion programs
One-to-One Consultations Educational Materials
School staff education Internet Presentations
School health initiatives Oral Health videos